The Fur Monsters of Doom Incorporated

I'm a staffy x kelpie. Born 14th June 2007. Mum bought me from a pet shop when I was a little baby puppy. I was all on my own and mum couldn't leave me there, so here I am! I cost mum $395 to "buy" and I came with just my first vaccinations done. <--- Don't be fooled, pet store pets are more expensive than rescued/adopted pets.

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About The Monsters

I am a tiny little chihuahua. I weigh about 4kgs. I have gotten fat. I am 12 years old. I'm also an adopted senior. My microchip says my birthday is December 26 2002. My Adoptaversary is 16th November 2013. My rescue mummy saved me from a pound in Sydney. I came in as a "stray" but am microchipped. My previous family was called and notified that I was there, but they never came for me. They left me there. I was released to my rescue mummy under 'Duty of Care', so I saw out my impound time in a home. My foster mummy Vanessa loved me very much and took super good care of me. Foster Mummy cried when I left her home, but my adoption opened a spot in her home and heart for a NEW foster who needs her more than me. My adoption fee was $325, and I came with FULL vetwork: desexed, C5, heart worm test, full blood work, full dental (I had some teeth that had to be removed). <--- Notice how I was cheaper than Buster. Rescues make excellent pets, and we come with lots more stuff done than a pet shop dog, PLUS if you 'adopt, don't shop' then you're not putting money into puppy mills :)

Sometimes being woman’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for our human is an arduous but rewarding process. That's a lie. Mum isn't rewarding. She's TERRIBLE!!! The best part of the day is when she goes to work. We are responsible for making sure mum has continually interrupted sleep, never gets to eat a meal without "puppy eyes", and has random bodily fluids on some part of her person or clothing at all times. It's a big task, but so far we're succeeding.


Does our mum appreciate this dedication? Perhaps not. So far we have NOT received a thank you for our work protecting her from that super suspicious tree on the other side of the fence. Seriously unappreciated. We are always taking applications for a better trained human.